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The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is accepting public comments on the draft Environmental Impact Statement for Williams’ Regional Energy Access Expansion Project, an important investment in the Northeast Region’s natural gas infrastructure network. Good industry jobs and more reliable energy access are on the line with this project approval. We submitted the below petition with 2,343 signatures on April 20.

Add your name to this before we submit again during the final day of the comment period on Monday, April 25.

Re: Docket CP21-94-000 – Regional Energy Access

Dear Secretary Bose:

I am proud to support Williams’ Regional Energy Access Expansion Project, an important investment into the energy and economic future of Pennsylvania and the surrounding Northeast Region.

Project construction will support good jobs for local craftsmen, many going to Pipeliners Local 798 members who continue to struggle with the down-turn in the natural gas industry while trying to provide for their families. Once complete, this expansion will help connect key producing regions in Pennsylvania to markets across the Northeast with a reliable supply of domestic natural gas.

I support the REA Expansion Project for the following key reasons:

  • The project is designed to be adaptable to future renewable energy sources like clean hydrogen and renewable natural gas blending, providing the necessary and critical infrastructure needed to meet clean energy demand for generations to come;
  • The draft EIS found that potential environmental impacts from the project, including groundwater and wells and air quality, would be “less than significant” if Williams follows the mitigation recommendations. Knowing of Williams’ history of project development, I am confident they will do just that;
  • Once complete, this expansion project will help meet the rising demand for natural gas, as it is designed to add enough natural gas to the Transco system to service more than 3 million American homes per day;
  • I understand the quality of work that Pipeliners Local 798 members and other regional craftsmen will put into this project to ensure its efficiency, safety and reliability. Local 798 workers have delivered on energy infrastructure projects like this for decades.

The demand for natural gas is clear: this energy fuels one-third of electric power generation and heats approximately half of all U.S. homes. Yet, a lack of sufficient pipeline infrastructure has prevented families and businesses from realizing the full advantages of this abundantly available, domestic resource. Projects like the REA Expansion are necessary to meet this rising demand for natural gas.

Due to the reasons discussed above, I stand with Local 798 in encouraging the Commission to issue the Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity and other necessary permits without delay, so this important project can meet its proposed in-service date.


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