Comment Period Ends October 12: Sign Our Petition to the PA DEP

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is accepting public comments on Transco permit applications for Williams' Regional Energy Access Expansion Project, a significant investment in the Northeast Region’s natural gas infrastructure network. Good pipeliner jobs, many belonging to UA members, and more reliable energy access are on the line with this project approval.

We submitted the below petition to the PA DEP before its comment period ended on October 12, 2022 with more than 1,000 signatures. 

Dear Secretary:

We write to express support of the permit applications by Williams to construct the Regional Energy Access Expansion Project in Pennsylvania. We encourage the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to issue the pending Chapter 102 (Erosion Control) and Chapter 105 (Dam Safety and Waterway Management) permits so the construction of this much needed project can begin.

The Regional Energy Access Expansion Project will provide abundant, cost-effective firm gas supply to markets in the region, providing the necessary and critical infrastructure needed to meet future clean energy demand. This includes complimenting the intermittency of currently available renewable alternatives and being adaptable to support future developments involving renewables, including Renewable Natural Gas blending and green hydrogen.

Current demand projections show that the region will reach a supply deficit of natural gas in the near future. This project will help meet the growing demand for energy, as well as increasing reliability and lowering energy costs for millions of Pennsylvania homes and businesses.

Furthermore, the Regional Energy Access Expansion Project is designed to have minimal environmental impacts. The project will maximize the use of existing Williams’ infrastructure and rights of way, minimizing disturbance and environmental impacts, including the impacts on aquifers, groundwater, stormwater runoff, spring thaws and streams. Additionally, Williams is committed to minimizing impacts on landowners and have reduced overall limits of disturbance along the projects route, which will not impact any state forest areas or state parks, nor impact any ‘old growth’ trees in pipeline areas.

The Regional Energy Access Expansion Project is a significant private investment in the region, providing an opportunity to put thousands of Pennsylvanians to work. The construction of the project will generate approximately $1.6 billion in additional wages, revenues, and investments to the regional and state economy of Pennsylvania, according to a study authored by researchers at Rutgers University. Researchers at Rutgers also forecast that the project will directly employ approximately 2,300 people in 10 Pennsylvania counties during the construction phase.

We simply cannot afford to deny the region the needed clean energy supply and the jobs and economic opportunities this project promises, since these opportunities come at minimal cost to the environment.


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