Thank Governor DeWine for Standing Up for Pipeliners

Governor Mike DeWine has signed Senate Bill 33, which protects critical infrastructure, like the oil and gas pipelines that we construct, from pipeline protestors. More than a dozen states have passed similar bills in the past several years, as opposition demonstrations have continued to center on energy facilities.

Sign the letter below to Governor DeWine, and thank him for his support of the pipeline industry.

Dear Governor DeWine,

I am grateful that your administration demonstrated support for the pipeline industry by signing Senate Bill 33 into law.

The facilities that are often targeted by such actions highlighted in SB 33 provide essential energy, communications and other vital services and products to the entire state of Ohio and, in some cases, the country, as several sections of national critical infrastructure cross our state.

This bill is important to the work our nation's industry craftsmen do, as they tirelessly construct safe and efficient pipelines to meet the needs of communities across Ohio and the nation. Local 798 members and other workers will benefit from this protective measure for years to come as they work on important pieces of energy infrastructure that serve residents in Ohio and around the country.

Thank you for creating a new civil cause of action for willfully causing damage to critical infrastructure facilities and providing for increased fines on groups complicitĀ in such offenses.

Pipeliners know first-hand how environmental protests over pipelines and other installations negatively impact the work they do and their livelihood. This is why I thank you for the support of this industry and protecting the infrastructure our nation's craftsmen work so hard to build.


American Energy Industry Supporter

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