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Williams is expected to file the 7(c) application with our federal regulator this Fall with a target in-service date by the end of 2027 for its proposed Southeast Supply Enhancement project. This is a substantial expansion of the existing Transco pipeline’s system that would run from Virginia to Alabama, moving up to 1.5 billion cubic feet of methane gas per day. 

In anticipation of the upcoming permitting process, help us gather support for the project by signing the below petition. We will submit this to FERC and other decision makers when appropriate.

Dear [Official]:

I stand with Pipeliners Local 798 in support of the Southeast Supply Enhancement project, a critical expansion of the natural gas infrastructure network in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama, and the first large-scale takeaway expansion to be announced in the area since the long-delayed Mountain Valley Pipeline was cleared.

This system enhancement will help meet skyrocketing demands for affordable, reliable energy by moving more than 1.5 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day to its delivery network, a significant capacity increase that will be enough to power five or six new large, combined cycle plants and will ultimately move this domestically sourced gas to millions of American homes and businesses.

Williams has long demonstrated its commitment to ensure thorough consultation and cooperation with state, local and federal regulatory agencies, as well as community stakeholders throughout the permitting process. This is of particular importance for large scale projects such as this and it includes working with community members and industry experts to identify potential environmental issues or concerns and then to potentially modify the project design to further minimize possible impacts.

Below are just a few specific reasons why I support this project:

  • The expansion will add enough natural gas pipeline capacity to meet the needs of 8.6 million homes, enabling Transco to meet the growing natural gas-fired power generation, commercial, residential, and industrial demand in the mid-Atlantic and southeast United States.
  • The increase in pipeline capacity will encourage Southern utilities to build new gas plants, opening the region to a generational investment in natural gas while strengthening grid reliability and driving down energy costs at a time when many families are struggling to handle their monthly bills.
  • More urgently, the project will create good jobs for skilled industry craftsmen in the region, many of whom are long-time members of Pipeliners Local 798, as well as provide an economic boost to communities along the route.

The Southeast Supply Enhancement project is poised to be a critical component of the region's energy infrastructure network, supporting good jobs, increasing access to domestically sourced natural gas and generating needed economic benefits. This is why I urge FERC and other agencies to issue necessary permits to ensure it remains on schedule. 


**By signing this petition, I agree to share my name on Pipeliners Local 798's submission(s) to federal and state decision makers in support of the Southeast Supply Enhancement project.**

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