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Following reports that the Biden Administration has pressured financial institutions over loans to fossil fuel companies, 15 U.S. state treasurers submitted a letter to U.S. Climate Envoy John Kerry, warning that they could be forced to withdraw assets from banks that provide funding for important energy infrastructure projects. This action could cripple fossil fuel companies and kill thousands of industry jobs, many belonging to Local 798 members.

It's critical that the Biden Administration hears the severe consequences these policies have on the nation's energy future and workforce. Sign our letter below thanking the state treasurers for standing up for our industry! 

Dear Treasurer:

Thank you for sending a message to U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry opposing the Biden Administration's attempt to pressure U.S. banks and financial institutions to refuse to invest in coal, oil and natural gas companies.

I agree this antithetical strategy to cripple the fossil fuel industry will have dire consequences on our nation's economic and energy future and threaten jobs for craftsmen who depend on a strong energy industry to provide for their families. Many of these workers are members of Pipeliners Local 798, a trades union representing more than 7,000 of the country's hardest working and highly skilled union workers.

As stated in your letter to Mr. Kerry - and as Local 798 members know all too well - the coal, oil and natural gas industries are vital to our nation's economy. They provide good jobs with critical benefits, tax revenue and a healthy quality of life for workers and their families. "Reckless attacks" on the fossil fuel industry like this pressure on banks would be devastating to the very people President Biden claims to champion. 

I also recognize that modernizing pipeline infrastructure is crucial to reducing emissions now and will support the transport of renewable energy sources in the future. 

I stand with you in opposition to the Biden Administration's threat to end financing for industries that are critical to a robust economy, particularly at a time when so many Americans are just beginning to financially recover from the COVID-19 economic fallout. I also hope you continue to encourage your colleagues in Washington to join you in protecting our industry and looking for ways to grow opportunities for our nation's skilled workforce.


Supporter of the American Energy Industry

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