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Dominion Energy North Carolina (DENC) is planning a 45-mile natural gas pipeline in North Carolina called the T15 Reliability Project. Once complete, it will connect the pending MVP Southgate Project with Duke Energy’s planned new natural gas power plants in Roxboro. DENC's initiative will put area pipeliners to work, help meet rising energy demand in the region and generate new economic activity, specifically across Person, Caswell, and Rockingham counties.

Sign our petition below that we will submit to decision makers during the permitting process.

Dear [Official]:

I am adding my name to this petition to support Dominion Energy North Carolina's T15 Reliability Project. This is a significant investment in the state's natural gas infrastructure network, connecting MVP Southgate, which will inject $113 million in North Carolina's economy and create more than 1,000 jobs in that state alone, with Duke Energy Corporation’s planned new natural gas power plants that are set to replace the existing coal-fired plant in Roxboro. All of this planned activity will help meet rising demand for cleaner energy while maintaining the safety and integrity of DENC's pipeline system.

A key reason why I support this project is the commitment that Dominion Energy has demonstrated to safety and quality on its pipelines by consistently hiring a Union workforce. I know this project will get done the right way with no shortcuts and no sacrifices on quality of the line or safety of workers or surrounding environment. 

Below are just a few reasons why I'm adding my name in support of this project:

  • DENC has maintained construction and operating policies and procedures for the T15 Reliability Project that adhere to state and federal safety requirements, providing specific directions in inspection, testing, operation, preventive maintenance, repair and vigilant patrols of facilities, giving the workforce and community members peace knowing quality and safety is top of mind;
  • Pipeliners Local 798, a trades union that represents the nation’s best industry craftsmen, claims thousands of members in the region who depend on infrastructure projects such as this to provide for their families. Permitting delays could be devastating to these workers;
  • Investment in new infrastructure such as this project will ensure continued economic growth, job security and critical tax generation for communities surrounding the project route. This is in addition to the lowered energy costs for families and small business owners in North Carolina. 

The T15 Reliability Project will generate opportunities to put local men and women to work while helping Americans in the region gain access to affordable, domestically-produced energy. This is why I urge decision makers to approve necessary permits for this project without unwarranted delays.


**By signing this petition, I agree to share my name on Pipeliners Local 798's submission(s) to federal and state decision makers in support of the T15 Reliability Project.**

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